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Swim caps have evolved from a simple accessory to protect the hairstyle of the wearer while swimming to essential gear worn by professional and novice swimmers alike. These Swim Caps by Splaqua not only protect hair from the damaging effects of chlorine, but also help you feel warm even when the water is cold and swim at optimal speed.
PROTECT LONG HAIR: This solid swim cap protects against the damaging chemical effects of chlorine and discoloration. It stretches to accommodate almost any length hair.
A SNUG FIT: Easy to put on and take off, these head coverings for swimming do not snag or yank at hair, making them more comfortable for everyone. They mold to dome, round, and almost any shape heads.
DURABLE : These stretchy, flexible bathing caps stretch to fit your head without tearing. Perfect for beginners and long-term use and regular swimmers, they feel smooth on the scalp and are pliable.
SWIM IN STYLE: Our unisex collection of colors includes neutrals, bolds, and bright to suit any age and taste. Choose from black, navy, black, pink, green, white, or turquoise. Swim in comfort & look good!
KEEP WARM IN THE WATER: Even if the pool or ocean water is cold, that doesn’t mean you have to be. These swimcaps help you retain body heat so you can swim more comfortably. No more water shivers.