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Highlight and erase with Crayola Take Note Chisel Tip Erasable Highlighters. These 6 colored highlighters feature a vibrant shade on one end, and a clear ink tip on the other to erase bold highlights. Use these chisel tip markers to create thick lines when highlighting or thin lines when underlining. Don’t worry about over highlighting– use the clear ink tip to erase the color and get you back to note taking in no time! This safe and non-toxic highlighter set is the perfect addition to school supplies for teachers or students.
One 6-ct pack of Crayola Take Note Chisel Tip Erasable Highlighters
Keep spirits high with creative at home crafts and indoor activities! Simple and fun crafts for kids are a great way to stay thoughtfully engaged and entertained
Highlight and erase with ease with a vibrant color on one end and a clear ink tip on the other
Chisel tip markers make thick or thin lines for highlighting and underlining
Six different vibrant colors from the classic yellow highlighter to a bold orange highlighter